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Sarah Fashion Jewelry

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  • Earring Color: Silver
  • Earring Size: 1.5 cm (Length)
  • Metal: Stainless Steel; Finishing
  • Polished and Satin; Weight: 1 g
  • Package Includes: 1 Hoop Earring
  • Earring Style: Sarah Durable Earring Hoops; Earring hoops are made of metal, which is durable and anti-oxidation, the ring has a round stopper to make it easier and more comfortable for you to clip it on your ears. And they are easy to put on and take off.
  • Non-pierced fake earrings: With this fake earring, you don't have to pierce real holes on your nose, lips, ears and so on, no more waiting and suffering, suitable for both men and women, and it is a good choice for children who don't want their noses or ears been pierced. The spring designed earrings are adjustable, can fit most people's earlobe, no-sewing and lips. And the round stopper on the back will ease your ear when you clip it on your earlobe.

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